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Essential Drawer Bed or Daybed

Want to add some more storage to a bedroom, without taking up any more space?  Have you considered a bed with drawers or a captain’s bed?  

Storage beds can be expensive to buy – especially a quality one that is sturdy and can be moved.

The good news is with just a few basic tools and some lumber, you can build this diy drawer bed!

Video Tutorial for Building a Drawer Bed

The steps for building this bed are pretty simple – build two 2×4 frames, add the ends, then the drawers and slat system.  Watch me create this bed in this video:

Easy Flip Down Storage Option

Are you interested in just the flip down version? 

diy storage bed

Those plans are here and are much easier.  And you can always add drawers later, like I did!

Can I add a Different Headboard or Footboard?

Yes!  Just build, and attach the headboard and footboard afterwards.  You could even leave the ends open (use 1x3s or 1x4s instead of the 1x8s on the ends) to save some money.

Can I Make this a Twin XL Storage Bed?

Yes! The twin XL modification is easy.  Just add 5″ to the overall length.

twin xl storage bed

Can I Make this a King?

Yes!  A standard king is just two twin XL beds but together.  Only build drawers for the two outsides (and you can make the drawers deeper for more storage.

standard king captains bed

The king is the best bang for your buck if you are wanting to build a bigger bed, and the twin XL option makes them always valuable for kids rooms too.

What About a Full or Queen?

Yes, you can do this, I would recommend the two bed method like the standard king, so you can move the beds into the room and the center is supported.  

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