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FIFA 23: FUT Companion App release date, features and more

Everything you need to know about the FUT Companion App

Updated: Sep 21, 2022 12:04 pm

The FIFA 23 Companion App is the same as the Web App but it is downloadable on your mobile device as an app. 

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The features are comparable to the Web App however, it is just streamlined and optimised for the smaller screen on your phone. This way, with the Companion App in hand you will be able to do SBCs, trading, squad building on the go. It’s also possible to change things like kits and other cosmetic items via the app too. 

When does the FIFA 23 Companion App release? 

The FUT Companion App releases one day after the Web App, so it will come out on the 22nd of September. If the release is similar to the release of the Web App, and everything else FIFA releases, it won’t be available to download until 6pm BST. 

There may be a few issues at launch though, so don’t expect to get online straightaway, in the past it has been a challenge to login immediately because of crashes and teething issues. 

Where to download the FIFA 23 Companion App?

If you already have the Companion App on your phone from FIFA 22, then you will only need to do a simple update. The FIFA 23 Companion App will replace the old one. You can do the update once it goes live, by going onto your app store and simply pressing update.

If you do not have the Companion App already then you will need to download it. This can be done via the iOS or Android official App Stores. Go to where you get your apps and search FUT Companion app, it should be the first option. Then click download. 

How much storage does the FIFA 23 Companion App need? 

If the Companion App remains the same size, which it should do, then it will require around 80 MB of storage on iOS or 43 MB on Android, at least. This is just the size of last year’s Companion App, so it could be even bigger.

How to download the FIFA 23 Companion App?

These are the steps to download the FIFA 23 Companion App:

  1. Head over to your designated app whether it’s iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play)
  2. Press install to continue the download of the FIFA 23 Companion App
  3. Ensure you have enough storage so you can complete the full download.
  4. Struggling to download? Again, check your storage or even check your WiFi and service.
  5. Once installed, enjoy the app and get to grinding!

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