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Hand-routed lettering – FineWoodworking

Larissa Huff doesn’t let a lack of a CNC machine get in her way. All it takes is a good router, the right bit, and lots of practice.

Sep 16, 2022

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Podcast listeners might remember, a few episodes ago, when Larissa Huff casually mentioned that she routs lettering on signs by hand—no templates, no CNC. Larissa uses just her favorite 3-1/4 hp. router, a 60° V-bit, some carbon paper, and her steady hand. My mind was blown, and a few weeks later, Larissa was in the new Fine Woodworking shop/studio to demonstrate her technique.

There were a couple of key things that I learned from her that day:

  • I really need to stop thinking of the router as a caged beast that must be restrained at all times.
  • There is always a trick to be learned, even in the simplest of techniques.
  • There is no replacement for practice.

In this video, Larissa demonstrates two letters, one with a serif and one without. As you’ll see, it is certainly a technique you’ll want to practice before applying it to a finished…

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