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Modern Warfare 2 Best Loadout Guide

Get the best Loadouts for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Updated: Sep 19, 2022 5:16 pm

If you’re playing the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta right now, you’re probably wondering what the best loadout to bring to the battlefield is.

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Wonder no more, as we’ve been getting into the nitty-gritty of the game (it’s excellent so far, by the way) and have some thoughts on what exactly should be in your kit.

Let’s check out our Modern Warfare 2 best loadout guide.

The All-Rounder


Ah, the M4. As American as apple pie and high taxes; this assault rifle is your go-to boomstick. We recommend running it with the Tempus Hightower 20 inch barrel, the 4MW laser box, the Tempus P80 Strike Stock, the XTEN Grip, and a 45 round magazine.

That long barrel will give you not just extra reach but stability and the grip and stock will make sure you can shoulder it quickly. Recoil is a bit too much, but managable so long as you’re not dumping the mag. Remember, short, controlled bursts.

  • For tacticals/lethals we have the flashbang and the frag grenade.
  • For perks we have double time, extra tactical, fast hands and hardline.
  • For your field upgrade pack the portable radar.

Your kill streak selection is up to you but we recommend the UAV, the Cruise missile, and the Sentry gun for each loadout.

The Rusher


This setup is for those with a need for speed. The Kastov is a compact AR with a surprising amount of range for what’s basically an AK that could fit in a briefcase. We still have some work to do when it comes to unlocking attachments but the vanilla gun is very good on its own.

  • For lethals and tacticals bring the flash grenade and the thermite grenade.
  • For your perks bring extra tactical, battle hardened, resupply, and high alert.
  • For your field upgrade bring battle rage, it’ll heal you, refresh your sprint, and make you more resistant to tacticals.

Long Distance Caller

long range

For those who like to keep their distance, we recommend the FTAC Recon over a traditional sniper rifle. This semi-automatic battle rifle has the accuracy and punch to pop multiple targets, provided you’re fast enough.

For attachments equip the Cronen mini red dot sight, the Ordanance Ravage-8 stock, the Sakin ZX grip, the 15-round magazine, and the .458 high-velocity ammo.

  • For tacticals/lethals pack the smoke grenade and the proximity mine. Since you’ll be hanging back you’ll need to change position when spotted. Drop the smoke grenade to do a ninja vanish and use the proxy mine to cover your immediate area – that way you can spend as much time as you want in your scope.
  • For perks take the standard Sniper loadout, that’ll have double time, extra tacticals, focus, and bird’s eye.
  • For your field upgrade take dead silence.

The Cleaner


If you like cleaning houses (of bad guys) then go with this SMG/Shotgun combo. On your, FSS Hurricane take the FSS-X7 barrel, the 4MW laser box, the Ordiance Ravage-8 stock, the phantom grip, and the 5.7X28mm Hollow Points.

We haven’t unlocked the attachments for the shotgun yet but since you’ll only be using it in very close quarters feel free to use whatever feels good to you.

  • For lethals/tacticals, take the flash grenade and thermite.
  • For perks, take overkill, scavenger, fast hands, and hardline.
  • For your field upgrade, take the DDOS.

Locked and Loaded

There you have it, those are our four recommendations that should fit the maps and modes of this latest COD nicely. Feel free to fine-tune any of these to your own particular playstyle and keep that K/D ratio nice and high.

How Many Weapons are in the Beta?

There are 17 main weapons available in the beta but some need to be unlocked.

Which Weapon is the Best?

So far, based on our experience, the FSS Hurricane is a great SMG with a high mag capacity and rate of fire.

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