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The Best Halloween Decor For Your Home

It’s that time of year! Break out your ghosts, your spiders, and all things cute (and spooky) because the Halloween season is upon us—and it’s time to decorate!

Whether you like to keep things in the “cute” or the “spooky” category, we’ve got the best home Halloween decor in one spot for you to make your home festive in time for Halloween.

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front porch decorated for halloween with spiders and bats
paper bats over a fireplace

Paper bats are one of our all-time favorite decorations since you can put them literally anywhere and everywhere in your home (here’s a pack of 30 bats if you want a value pack!).

They are a snap to put up and take down (usually a small tape donut of masking or duct tape will keep them up for the duration of the season).

You can use these over and over again and just store them together in a ziplock bag when not in use.

black haunted house luminary

Haunted House Tea Light Luminary

Add a candle to just about anything (or some battery operated tea lights) and you’re going to up the spooky factor for sure!

The tradition of luminarias originally came from Mexico, and houses like these tea light luminaries look cute during the day, and really come alive at night once the candle is lit.

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faux pumpkin

Faux Pumpkins (That Look So Real!)

While we love a good statement pumpkin in a wild shade or material, realistic faux pumpkins that come with warts and bumps are also a top favorite since they look real.

But, you can use them year after year without worrying about them rotting on your porch. Here’s a jumbo white one and a more classic orange shade, too.

glass pumpkin punch bowl

Can you imagine how much cuter your Halloween party just got now that you have a pumpkin punch bowl set? Totally a show stopper on any fall tablescape, and you can use it for any fall party right through Thanksgiving.

Don’t know what to serve? Try our spiced cranberry punch!

pumpkin luminaries

Jack-O’-Lantern Paper Bag Luminaries

Speaking of luminaries, paper bag luminaries like these are perfect for your porch or to line your driveway during the season (or on Halloween night to impress trick-or-treaters).

While you can use real tea lights when monitoring the luminaries, we like battery operated tea lights for a hazard-free decor experience.

giant furry spider

We love a good oversized spider, and you can use them in just about any spot in the house (or on your front porch!).

Hang them in a corner with some reusable spider webbing or decorate your front door and you’ll have instant Halloween vibes.

The best way to hang the spiders on the wall? Try removable command hooks and hang them from a bent leg joint, or tie a small piece of black string around the spider to hang on the hook.

hanging ghost decorations

Hanging ghosts are perfect for a covered porch decoration, or you can also hang them in corners (or from chandelier lighting fixtures) inside since they are lightweight.

Although we love them inside, they do look extra cool when they are swaying in the breeze on a front porch.

vintage print of women dressed as witches

We adore this witch photo from 1920 showing a bunch of gal pals dressed as witches! It’s the perfect way to add some vintage charm to your Halloween decor.

inflatable pumpkin decorations

Happy Inflatable Jack-O’-Lanterns

Looking for a cute (yet festive) way to light up your lawn? These 8′ long happy jack-o’-lantern inflatables will add some Halloween spirit without scaring all the neighborhood kids.

black feather wreath

This spooky feather wreath will add some magical mystery to your front door. If you aren’t a bats and spiders type of decorator, wreaths like this can bring in some holiday spirit (without getting too far into the land of ghosts and goblins).

This is a great spooky black wreath, too!

wooden spider garland

Whether you like a Halloween garland to have spiders, bats, or ghosts, garlands are the perfect way to add a super quick pop of fun to just about any area of your home.

Try hanging them from small clear removable hooks for a damage-free and invisible installation.

posable skeleton

Did you know the options for displaying a posable skeleton are basically endless?! Whether you are dressing them up, leaving them “bare bones,” creating a graveyard, or a comical scene, you’re sure find the perfect way to display your love of Halloween.

Check out 5 Ways to Decorate with Skeletons for more great ideas!


collage of halloween decor for your home

Spider on Web / Jack-O’-Lantern Luminaries / Bat Cutouts / Haunted House Luminaries / Witch Art Print / Bat Garland / Feather Wreath / Faux Pumpkin / Hanging Ghosts / Giant Spider / Ghost Doormat / Jack-O’-Lantern Inflatable

Additional Items You May Need To Decorate For Halloween:

Once your spiders are hung, your ghosts are floating, and your candy bowls are full of candy corn, you’re ready to throw that Halloween bash or welcome little trick-or-treaters to your decked out porch. Happy haunting! xo. Laura

Halloween Decor FAQ

How do you decorate for Halloween on a budget?

Focus on items that are reusable so you will eventually have all the main decor you want, and you can just store it and use it again (for free!) the next year.

You can also check thrift shops and vintage stores around Halloween as they bring out their seasonal decor at that time, or shop sales after Halloween to find treasures to use next year.

Can I use any Halloween decorations outside as well as inside?

Items that are more fragile (like paper) should be used under covered outdoor areas only and may not remain perfectly intact after the season is over.

More sturdy items (like plastics) can generally be used outside, but make sure that any plug-in or light up items are outdoor rated if you are using them in a non-covered space.

How do I attach items to a brick/stone house?

If you don’t mind some small holes, you can put small nails into the mortar area of a brick or stone front. If the item is heavy, you may need to drill with a masonry bit and use a concrete screw that can hold more weight.

And if you don’t want to make/repair any holes, then look for flat areas of wood trim or siding that you can attach a command hook to instead, or simply hang things from the door frame only.

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