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Why You Should Decorate Your Kid’s Room For the Holidays

Listen, I get it. The holidays are a busy time for everyone. You have parties, guests from out of town, food to make, and areas to decorate.

So why would you want to add more to your plate by also decorating your kids’ rooms for the holidays? While there’s certainly no rule that says you have to, we have a few reasons why we love the tradition and we may convince you to do the same!

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Kid's room decorated for the holidays with christmas sheets and curtains

For my daughter Lola’s holiday room, I picked out this adorable Santa print for a duvet cover. I love how these checked red and green sheets set match, but gives another pop of pattern and color.

I also thought it would be fun to do holiday curtains and picked out these candy cane curtains and this nutcracker wall hanging.

Kid's room decorated for the holidays with christmas sheets and curtains

So, why should I decorate my kid’s room for the holidays? I’ll tell you why …

Childhood holiday magic doesn’t last forever: Sad but true. While the holidays still retain magic as an adult, it just can’t quite match the level that you felt as a kid, with the promise of presents, decorations, and the smell of cookies in the air.

So why not play into all that fun while you can and make it as special as possible for them? And seeing that light in their eyes is so fun for you, too!

Kid's room decorated for the holidays with christmas sheets and curtains

The holidays are about memories (and physical items have a role!): While holidays are about people and time with loved ones at its core, I think we all have special memories connected with a few physical items from the holidays.

I know my family has a special connection to some Christmas plates and cups we still use every year for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning brunch.

And, I remember the thrill of getting out our special Christmas pajamas and sheet sets each year to make going to bed a magical time.

Kid's room with holiday themed christmas bookshelf

You can buy items to use year after year to make it simple: While there are some categories that are super fun (like holiday pajamas) if you have kids, you know they grow out of those yearly.

It’s nice to have your main kid’s room decorations be things that they can use year after year like bedsheets and pillows, duvet covers, throw blankets, curtains, or wall hangings.

Making a holiday bookshelf area is also a really cute tradition, and you can use those books over and over and add new ones here and there (or get them from the library!).

Kid's room decorated for the holidays with christmas sheets and curtains

Choosing the right items makes decorating super fast: While everyone’s to-do list gets loooong during the holidays, items like bedding are easy to change out. You have to change and wash their sheets every so often anyways, throw pillows can be tossed out in a second, and switching out artwork is super fast.

You can even make paper Santa hats to add to artwork like I did to her cat picture! Picking items that are a snap to set up means that you have more time for cookie decorating and hot chocolate by the fire, right?

Kid's room decorated for the holidays with christmas sheets and curtains

It’s just CUTE, OK?!? I mean, do you really need a reason to surprise a kiddo with an adorable room decorated just for them for their favorite holiday of the year?! I didn’t think so. It’s. Just. CUTE.

Kid's room decorated for the holidays with christmas sheets and curtains

If your kiddo loves the holidays as much as mine does, then the look on their face once their room is decorated is totally enough to make the effort worth it.

And some kids (like mine) love to help decorate for any occasion, so you can get a mini-helper for the changeover as well. Hope these ideas help make the holidays a little more special for everyone in your house! xo. Laura

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